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A cartoon on the order, Baturina, Luzhkov and Gromov Boris Gromov - Governor of Moscow region Potanin, Deripaska, Prochorow
Cartoon, Alisher Usmanov Score in the restaurant. Cartooning - restaurant bill Table service. Holiday tableware

Quite often a situation arises where there is a need to urgently draw a caricature of a certain topic or person, because it is persistently occupy the brain. Easy or hard, satirical cartoon picture perfectly remove unnecessary stress, relaxes muscles in some way the front, causing a smile, that the beneficial effect on the overall rehabilitation of Aboriginals.

If you do not have enough time, draw the picture itself, or you want the caricature was done at a professional level, of course, you can order it cartoonist on this site.

time required for the drawing, depending on the requirements for it, ranging from a pair of wrist golden hours to several days of painful, pleasant waiting.

cost of work is very soft, a soft for molding and may be a result of joint efforts nedyuzhennyh any number, limited only to the customer and hopeless humility artist and cartoonist.

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