Portrait of dry brush

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Portrait of dry brush. Portrait of a Girl

Questions on Technology Dry Brush regularly appear in my mailbox.

Why? What is it this that makes people write a detailed letter on this subject?
The answer is obvious: drawings, in the technique dry brush looks spectacular, and she (technique) is very technological, as save the artist a lot of time and under certain conditions.

In general, any secret of drawing in this way does not exist, except that some of the nuances that each artist their own, and to generate themselves, as handwriting, with time.

Experienced artists can walk the woods, but for those who have not met with this technique, we list the main materials, which often enjoy artists:
- Dense enough paper, is better with some texture (watercolor);
- Wrist (Bristex, columns, and synthetics);
- Diluent (plasticizer), if needed (engine oil, diesel oil);
- Eraser (eraser) better than the one that when erasing crumbles (koh-i-noor).

Brushes in dry brush

Brushes - is a separate issue. In short, all drawn with pig bristles, and the details kolonochkom can sum or elastic and Tokoy synthetics.

Actually, that's all. You can create masterpieces.

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