The silhouette of the first ladies of Ukraine Inna Tsymbalyuk at Fashion Week. Profile of Miss Ukraine Universe-2006

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Silhouette Ina Tsymbalyuk cut at the Ukrainian Fashion Week. Siluetist on holiday. Artist siluetist Karpovich Yuriy

A trip to Ukraine was rich and interesting. Some fragments of travel can be seen here. Few povyrezal silhouettes with natural living, lively and lovely natives. In general, the kaleidoscope of completely ordinary people and "superstars", was cut Komsomol, athlete, model, TV presenter, actress and a beauty Inna Tsymbalyuk. Inna lit up by winning the contest "Miss Ukraine-Universe-2006". In duplicate silhouette, Tsymbalyuk left a painting for the company Schwarzkopf, organized the cutting profiles and invited artists - siluetista to the event.

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At use of materials reference to is required: caricature draw. Caricature order. Silhouette Tsymbalyuk Ina. Inna Tsymbalyuk - athlete, member of the Komsomol, actress, model, television presenter and simply beautiful