artist Karpovich Yuriy

artist - cutter - silhouette

Silhouette artist will approach on your holiday, party and with pleasure will cut all wishing and not so, as in process to be "cut out", everyone tries practically.
Foreman the cutting of silhouettes is present show, this that "highlight", which will decorate any holiday, especially mine.

(Vladimir Vladimirovich)

Silhouettes cutting

" Cutting of silhouettes on private and corporate measures consists that one man is merciless, I repeat, is merciless êðîìñàåò paper by the large, very large garden scissors, and others, having concealed breath, watch(keep up) this mystical focus. "

(A. Lincoln)

Contour cutting

Cutting of contour - is archi important essence of celebratory measures!

(V. I. Lenin " The April theses ")

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